Aysha Ricketts wins Father’s Day essay competition

From left, Stephanie Menko, Kelsi Persad, Aysha Ricketts, James Ebanks and Vitoria Buttrum. – Photos: Vicki Wheaton, Caymanian Compass

Source: Caymanian Compass–The five finalists of the 1000 Man March Father’s Day Essay Contest 2013 and their fathers gathered at UBS House on the morning of Wednesday, 26 June, for the announcement of the first place winner. Phil Jackson from Human Resources gave a brief speech before revealing the results, keeping the group 
on tenterhooks for a bit longer.

“Today we are here to celebrate and award the recipients of the inaugural Father’s Day Essay Contest, which was initiated by the 1000 Man March outreach organisation. As a group we aim to promote and build values, morals and the character of men in the Cayman Islands.

“We have introduced this initiative to recognise some of the great fathers we have in our society. You play an important role in developing and building the character and confidence in your child; we want to encourage 
you to continue in this journey.”

There were 74 essays submitted for the competition and judges Miriam Foster and Alison Corbett chose the five finalists.

Jackson remarked on the excellent standard of the submissions in his speech: “Let me say that the judges were impressed and had a difficult time in selecting the winners.”

Each child won a prize, with Aysha Ricketts taking home the first place prize of an iPad Mini. The results are: 5th place – Vitoria Buttrum, Clifton Hunter High School (11 years old); 4th place – Kelsi Persad, St. Ignatius High School (11 years old); 3rd place – James Ebanks, George Town Primary School (8 years old); 2nd place – Stephanie Menko, home schooled (7 years old); 1st place – Aysha Ricketts, Sir John A Cumber Primary School (9 years old).

Aysha Ricketts’ winning essay

My dad is special to me because he used to wake up with me in the night when I used to get up crying. My dad loves me and I love him.

He always wants the best for me and always encourages me to do good. My dad likes to spend time with me a lot. I can trust him for everything.

When I am sick or hurt my dad makes sure I get better. My dad is a part of my life. He is the one who cares the most for me. My dad makes sure I have the things I need when I need them.

Dads are important because they tell their children the right things to do. They give their children whatever they need. They make sure their children are healthy and in good lifestyle. Dads teach their children right and wrong. Dads spend time with children and make them have alot of fun. Some dads are important because they chastize their children when they need to. Dads always want the best for their children.

I love my dad with more than all my heart. I love my dad because he loves me and he spends more time with me than anyone else. My dad is the best that I ever had. My dad is the one who is kind enough to make sure he goes out and work and get the money so my mom could pay for all the bills to keep us together as a family.

A great dad should love their children and spend alot of time with them. Dads should be responsible for their children and they should set good examples for them to come up to be a good person. A great dad should also try to encourage their children to do the right thing. They should guide their children from danger and wrong.

My dad and I do alot of activities together. We go to dinner sometimes and we love to spend time with each other.