1000 Man March Pledge

  • I declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and Sovereign over the Cayman Islands.
  • I pledge to protect, love, and be the spiritual leader for my family.
  • I pledge to love others as I love myself, and treat them with kindness, respect and compassion.
  • I pledge to play an active role in my children’s lives through loving them, encouraging them, and instructing them about God’s love for them through the BIBLE.
  • I pledge that I will teach my children to honor authority and live responsibly;
  • I pledge to improve myself spiritually, morally, mentally, socially, politically and economically for the benefit of my family and my community;
  • I pledge that I will strive to build positive relationships for the good of my family and my community;
  • I pledge that I will never raise my hand with a knife or a gun to beat, cut, or shoot any member of my family or any human being;
  • I pledge that I will never abuse a woman by striking her or disrespecting her.
  • I pledge never to use profanities or any other insult to describe any woman
  • I will be faithful to my wife and love, respect, and honor her;
  • I will learn from my mistakes, repent of my sins, and walk with integrity as a man answerable to God;
  • I will not poison my body with drugs or that which is destructive to my health and my well-being.
  • I pledge to live a Godly, righteous, and sober life according to God’s word, thus setting a good example for my family and my community.

I will do all of this with the help from God.

Joshua 24:15
But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.

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